4 Tips and Tricks to Prepare Your Pet Before Visiting a Pet Grooming Shop

Jan 18, 2016

Do you think it’s time to pamper your lovely dog and take it to its first grooming visit? Not a problem at all! Since this would be the first time your pet will visit a pet grooming shop, it is good to have it trained beforehand so that the groomer can perform the service accordingly. How can you do that?

Tip # 1. To prepare your pet for the big day, little grooming practicing at home would be very helpful. Nothing special, just comb his hair, try to check his teeth and ears too, so it knows what to expect. Make it look like a game. This way, your dog will stay relaxed and in a cheerful mood. Do not think that grooming is a chore, but a great and calming experience with awesome and healthy effects.

Tip # 2. Before you take your four-footed friend to such a place, make sure it is well-fed and relaxed. If you notice any signs of nervousness or bad mood, whatsoever, postpone its first visit for a later date. Since, nails, eyes, teeth, paws, and ears check-ups are a part of each grooming procedure, you do not want the groomer to be bitten and scratched, right?

Tip # 3. Make sure your puppy already visited a veterinarian for its first vaccinations. A reliable grooming shop should ask for proof of vaccinations. Ideally, try to schedule your pet for a grooming procedure when the specialist is not heavily booked.

Tip # 4. You will have to make some decisions before your dog’s first visit in such a place. Firstly, you will have to see how much free time you have to maintain its gorgeous appearance at home. How much care and attention can you give to your wonderful furry friend? How often your pet will have to visit a professional groomer will depend of those essential factors. For example, if you offer it a stylish hairdo, you will most probably have to maintain it at home.

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