How to keep your dog looking great between visits to the groomer?

Apr 23, 2013

You, like any other pet owner, love how clean your dog is after a pet service, but also know just how dirty your dog can get before it’s time to go back. Luckily, there are some ways to keep your four-footed companion looking great between grooming appointments that don’t involve wrangling your dog into a bathtub. Read the few lines below and discover some helpful pet care tips.

Food that encourages a healthy coat

Family and pet on lawnThe options for healthy dog food are literally endless nowadays. Any pet shop representative can direct you to the right food for your dog. Even more, there are many brands of dog food that can give your four-footed friend a shiny, beautiful coat. High-quality dog food has plenty of nutrients and healthy fats that promote a healthy fur. Stay away from off-brand discount pet food and very low fat foods, as they can cause dry hair and skin lesions.

Dental hygiene

If you worry your dog doesn’t get proper dental hygiene between visits to the pet service salon, give him treats that promote healthy gums and strong teeth. You can find these sorts of treats at almost any pet shop, and they come at affordable prices. Your dog won’t know it’s good for him, he’ll just think he’s getting a treat.


To get the dust and dirt out of your dog’s coat, purchase a brush that corresponds to your pet’s coat and use it regularly and with care. Make sure you don’t brush too hard or for too long. There is no better massage for your furry friend than a good brushing session. In addition, you gain another way to bond with your dog.


Exercise is vital for making your dog look great. The amount of exercise your pet requires depends a lot on his breed and age. A puppy will require far more exercise than an adult in order to keep him thin and healthy. This doesn’t mean older dogs shouldn’t exercise also. On the contrary, a sedentary dog has an even slower metabolism so it has to exercise more often. An hour long romp in the yard or a two hour long walk in the park is enough to keep most dogs in good shape. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, hire a pet service that includes dog walking services.

Keep your dog clean

In order to keep your dog clean and healthy, you have to bath him every time he needs it. Companion dogs who spends most of their time inside the house may need a bath as frequent as once or twice a month. An active dog that spends a lot of time outside has to be bathed more often.

The best looking dog is a happy dog. If your dog is exercised, fed right and clean, then rest assured he will look his best. Challenge your dog by giving him tasks and toys to play with and he will definitely feel happy.

When the time comes, take him to a pet salon and have him cleaned and groomed by professionals. TLC Grooming By Danielle is a wonderful choice for your dog. They are located in Grand Junction, CO and provide pet services for all breeds. Call (970) 241-9955 and schedule an appointment.

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