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You haven’t companion, if you don’t have a dog, cat or whatever kind of pet. A true companion that has never let you down deserves some pampering now and again. That is what we do. We are TLC Grooming By Danielle in Grand Junction, CO, and we have been doing pet grooming for the past 6 years.

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my rescue

Aug 29, 2013 by Dawn Armour

My rescue comanion animal tommy will hardly let me even check out his feet to make shure they they are healthy. he lets her not only touch his feet but clip his nails and when ever he hears her name he will jump on me and etc. till i take him to see her. even on our walks he will pull me to her shop he loves her so much. you wouldn't think a 13 lb. chaweenie could do that but he lives her so much he finds the will and way. If i take him some where else he will not let any one near his feet and growls and bares his teeth at them. If you want your dog to have a good grooming experience and no bull she is the women to see.
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Are you too busy to cut your pet’s nails or give it a decent bath? You should be consulted for an expert pet groomer. TLC Grooming By Danielle stands as one of the largest and most established service providers for pet grooming, pet wash and pet care services operating within Grand Junction, CO. We carry years of experience, and continue to prove our reputation in the respective market niche. Call our professional pet groomer, and we’ll prove it! Call today at (970) 241-9955.

Your pets deserves the very best care. We provide a full service pet grooming. From a bath to a full clip, TLC Grooming By Danielle does it all, and we do it with lots of delicate loving care. We have all of the latest products that are safe for your family companion. TLC Grooming By Danielle strives to give the customer 100% satisfaction, this is why we have managed to gain so many continuous clients over the years. We offer a superior dog boarding service in the Grand Junction area, where your dog can relax in good hands. Whether for the day, weekend, week or a longer stay, your dog is in excellent hands. Drop your pets off before work; pick them up after that. We will take care of them in the meantime. You will be very pleased with the work we do.

Hire an experienced pet sitter to take care of your lovely pets

Pet SitterIf you need a professional pet sitter and live in Grand Junction, CO, you’ve come to the right place. We will come to your residence and care for your favorite pets just like they were our own. TLC Grooming By Danielle has been providing dependable, loving pet sitting services in Grand Junction, CO for many years. We know how significant it is to have someone that you can trust to take superior care of your pets while you’re at work or away from home. Someone you get that certain pleasurable feeling for as soon as you meet them. That’s just what you get with TLC Grooming By Danielle. We will never send a pet sitter to your home that we wouldn’t trust in our own home, and we never send anyone to your home that you haven’t met and approved.

Our pet walking service and pet sitting business is licensed, insured & bonded

Pet Walking in the Grand Junction, CO areaIf you need a pet walker with years of experience you’ve come to the right place.  Let the professional at TLC Grooming By Danielle come to your home walk, and care for your pets while you’re away.  We have been providing reliable, dependable and lovely pet walking services in Grand Junction, CO for the last six years.  We know how considerable it is to have someone that you can trust to take your pet for an enjoyable and healthy walk, or let them out and play with them while you’re away.  We will never send a pet walker to your home that we wouldn’t trust to walk our own pets. We offer reliable, loving care and we can provide you with excellent references. Call us today, if you would like to

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